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Are you a teen in kenya? Probably just finished high school and reality is slowly penetrating itself “wow life is not a walk in the park just as I had assumed while in school everything would simply fall out at its place”  

The question running through your mind right now is ‘how in this world will I  get a steady supply of money?’Earning money as a teen sometimes may seem as an up hill battle.You probably have things to pay for,such as clothes,hang out money with friends and other personal interests.

Most likely you are  obsessed with money and your parents are making a big issue out  of you getting their money for free.Well you are very lucky to have come to the right place, because in this blog i will take you through some of the life working ideas you may use to make your own money.

I have combined a list of some tips you can use to get yourself started.It is upto you to locate where your interest lies and quickly give it a shot.I mean you cant keep on surviving on extra change and birthday money from your parents and relatives.

Keep in mind that as you make money, its important to increase your financial literacy as a teenager too.some of the tips include;


There are numerous firms which require an extra younger hand in operating their day to day services.

 Most  of this firms are looking for teenagers to easen up the workflow of their  premises.for example, some of the selling firms require an extra hand in the sales department. 

They recruit teenaers to advertise their products through carrying out programmes known as promotion.Here your work is to become a sales agent of the  firm that has employed the service, and since they mostly occur in the weekends, it is such a great way to earn  money without much strain.You  can also  get a job vacancy  in restaurants.

Either way not only do you stand a chance  to earn a pay check, you also can also get tips  from appreciative customers for the good service you have offered to them.Havin a job will  teach you how to balance time ,money and how to prioritize whats important in your life.You can also save from your earnings.


Depending on the interests and passions that you have , you can start  creative writing from your own personal experiences in your life, after which youn will gain traffic which will be able to earn you some passive  income.

There are numerous platforms such as google which  provide space for writers to express themselves and earn some money from it slowly with time.

You can start your own blog, then add it to your Linkedin resume or social media to attract traffic for your channel.


There are numerous of ways from which you can make money from the  internet .You can sell clothes or other moving commodities  through the online platforms.You simply post your product on your page and wait for potential buyers to come into contact with the advertised good.


If you are interested in photography  this  might be your answer for how to earn

Some fast cash as a tenager.You can offer your photography skills   at a price.

If you are interested in photography  this  might be your answer for how to earn

Some fast cash as a tenager.You can offer your photography skills   at a services through videos  and photographs.Firms recruit young people with skills in editing  to ease up their work, understanding  perfectly that the sales department is entirely dependent  on the advertising sector.


If you already spend  most of your time at the gym, then i wrote this for you, you might as well look for a working opportunity there.Most gyms will allow you to work for free as an employee.Not only can you save on your gym membership as one of the rewards,but you also take home some money.At this you can kill two birds with one stone greatly benefit from your work.


In the modern space in which we live,  many people get really busy sometimes, and it’s not news when you see dirty cars. If you can offer an alternative to going to the carwash trust me you stand all chances of gaining money easily as a teenager. You will be able to earn more since you are bringing your services to the customer at a much more reliable expense to the customers. This is one of the most strategical ideas to earn you quick cash as a teenager without much struggle.


Are you that guy infront of the camera always ?If yes then this is  probably the best way to make money as a teenager.You can set up a vlog on available sites such as instagram and youtube and get a handsome pay.On the videos you can  project different types of content depending on your own personal interests for example you can put up a vlog on how to apply make up or better still start a couple chanel with your partner.What a way of earning through your talent and passion.


If you are a social media person,bingo! 

Platforms such as tiktok and instagram have provided a space where firms can lay their foundations on this sites.

Many small firms may require assistance in creating content to sell and manage  their social accounts .

This is a  great  way to make money as a teenager out of something you are passionate about  and you love doing as a content  influencer and creator.


If you excel at ascertain  skill then why not capitalize on it? You can look for a group of people who are interested in learning the skill that you posses.This will not only  earn you quick cash  but it also gives you great experience for you to sharpen your skills.For example you can teach people on how to play a certain musical  instrument.


If you are a pet lover,  then you are reading the right article no doubt. You can look for clients arond your neighbourhood and offer to walk their dogs at a certain fee.

Well, there you have it, approved money-making ideas for you to use to start making your own cash and get respected by society.


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